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    Supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in all phases of the lifecycle to achieve extraordinarily successful results with an appropriate deployment of resources. Always in line with our commitment: Human Being | Efficiency | Excellence.

  • Portfolio

    Strategy | Business Optimisation | Project Management



    Shape the future of your business



    – define your value

    – transform your idea to a realisable concept

    – ensure business sustainability



    – know the market players

    – identify market trends and developments

    – let your customers know how you are different



    – identify customer needs

    – create solutions to satisfy customer needs

    – market your solutions successfully



    Business Optimisation

    Improve your margin and other KPIs



    – implement processes to scale your business efficiently

    – define organisational structures to enhance collaboration

    – rework your coworkers' incentive system



    – review your commercial processes from sales to cash collection

    – identify and replace obsolete process steps

    – enhance or automate existing tasks



    – build up effective and efficient product management

    – accelerate growth through professional account management

    – implement strategic partnerships to scale your business



    Project Management

    Bring short-term assignments to long-term success



    – break down your strategy into manageable work streams

    – define responsibilities, collaboration requirements and time lines

    – ensure timely and adequate communication to all involved parties



    – identify status quo and desired project outcome

    – interpret between business and technological requirements

    – monitor and report technical and non-technical performance



    Situations requiring professional project management are diverse, amongst others in the context of restructuring, M&A or post-merger integration. Detailed information can be provided on request.

  • Project Experience

    Ready-to-market strategies

    for B2B and B2C clients in diverse industries, incl. transformation, product development, strategic partnerships, market repositioning, and marketing and sales optimisation  

    3-7% additional profit p.a.

    for a global hardware and service provider through the identification of inefficiencies, unclear processes or lack of consistency in management in the operational business

    50,000+ objects

    successfully migrated in time during a technical post merger integration of five distinct CRM and billing systems

    5% additional profit margin

    by developing an effective internal reporting and monitoring format for an international industry service provider


  • Philosophy

    Icon for Positive Attitude

    Live the

    Positive Attitude


    Problems are not solved by neglecting everything negative. However, the essential is to focus on goals instead of wasting energy and resources while adhering to problems.

    Icon for Strengthen the Strengths


    the Strengths


    Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. But only by focusing and working on existing strengths, each individual can reach highest performance – while enjoying to do so.

    Icon for Human Being

    Keep in mind

    the Human Being


    To achieve profitability, it is crucial not to perceive teams as 'resources', but as groups of Human Beings – reaching highest performance when being considered as that.

    Icon for Individual Solutions

    Find and Create

    Individual Solutions


    Individuality is key to success. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' solution – only the appropriate best one. Conventional or not, important is what is working best for you.

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    Human Being | Efficiency | Excellence


    jsb human consulting was founded by Julien S. Besthorn (M.Sc.), who studied Business Administration and Commerce in Germany, France and Hong Kong and holds a Master’s degree in Global Management and Governance. He gained experience in retail management, international sales and strategy consulting across Europe and Asia and today works together with a network of experts and industry specialists to support entrepreneurs and companies to achieve excellence and efficiency in business.

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