Improve your margin and other KPIs

Improve your margin and other KPIs

Whether start-up, in which the core business starts to work “on its own”, allowing to optimise in further areas, or incumbent company that aims to improve internal efficiency to stay competitive while improving margin and other relevant KPIs: Business Optimisation allows the organisation to review itself regarding core and supporting processes, organisational structure and corporate management.
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– implement processes to scale your business efficiently

– define organisational structures to enhance collaboration

– rework your coworkers' incentive system



– review your commercial processes from sales to cash collection

– identify and replace obsolete process steps

– enhance or automate existing tasks



– build up effective and efficient product management

– accelerate growth through professional account management

– implement strategic partnerships to scale your business



Project examples

Identification and quantification of profit potentials within the operational business of a global hardware and service technology provider through inefficiencies, unclear processes or lack of consistency in management, by means of qualitative and quantitative analyses, structured interviews, followed by the development of solutions for realisation, such as new calculation and pricing mechanisms and negotiation guidelines

>   Result: margin potential of additional recurring 3-7% profit from annual revenue


Development of an internal reporting and monitoring format for the control and governance of amongst others financial, sales and capacity utilisation performance indicators for a mid-sized international industry service provider

>   Result: together with other measures increased profit margin of add. recurring >5% from annual revenue