Shape the future of your business

Shape the future of your business

During the early phase of a start-up or your business expansion with new products or services, the field of Strategy in a broader sense includes developing a sustainable Business Model, defining an Initial Strategy and formulating a reliable Business Plan. At later stages, consulting activities focus on Strategy Alignment for example in the context of decreasing revenue or margin, and redefining a Competitive Strategy in changing or jeopardising market environments to outperform incumbent competitors and new market players.
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– define your value

– transform your idea to a realisable concept

– ensure business sustainability



– know the market players

– identify market trends and developments

– let your customers know how you are different



– identify customer needs

– create solutions to satisfy customer needs

– market your solutions successfully



Project examples

Strategic realignment, reorganisation and establishment of structured product development for a mid-sized IT service provider within the healthcare industry, incl. transformation management and operational support e.g. for Sales professionalization

>   Result: autonomous working product management department continuously developing new service offerings; improved market positioning (proven by image survey after one year)



Business development incl. concept design, market research and pilot (rapid prototyping) for a network operator within a strategic diversification of the product portfolio in order to reach new customer potentials in a saturated B2C technology market

>   Result: new ready-to-market product incl. supporting marketing material, sales channels and strategic partnerships


Concept design and implementation of partnering strategies for the distribution of a consumer technology product portfolio within a B2C/B2B2C business development context, as well as for the distribution of digital products for new customer acquisition with a leading B2C media technology provider

>   Result: established partnership with ready-to-market product and finalised roll-out